[***ตัดเสียงคนร้องเพลงด้วย Karaoke Sound Tools***] V.10.0.12 [Full]]


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    [***ตัดเสียงคนร้องเพลงด้วย Karaoke Sound Tools***] V.10.0.12 [Full]]

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    [***ตัดเสียงคนร้องเพลงด้วย Karaoke Sound Tools***]

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    * Vocal remover to remove vocal parts from CD recordings
    o Control the amount of bass and treble processing
    o Remove vocals from non-centered recordings using balance
    o Adjust vocal removing level and output attenuation
    o Create multiplex tracks (with vocal in left and instrumental part in right channel)

    * Key changer to adjust the song to singers voice
    o change the pitch in -12 to +12 semitone (half-note steps) range
    o after processing, music instruments have no chipmunk or time speed up or down, holding the tempo the same as if the
    original studio recorded in your key
    o you can process karaoke songs with lyrics (BIN and MP3+G)
    * Tempo changer to speed up or slow down the song
    o change the tempo of the song from two times slower to twice as fast
    o tempo changer retains the original key of the song
    o you can process karaoke songs with lyrics — they will be adjusted to stay in sync

    All these tools can be fine-tuned in real time, and work with MP3, WAV, BIN, and CDG files.
    If you use a karaoke BIN or MP3+G file and use tempo changer, the graphics part of the song will be adjusted so the lyrics are in
    sync with slower or faster version of the song. No other software has this feature.

    Advanced preview allows to:

    * listen to the processing result in the realtime
    * control the playback position
    * play selected part of the song in loop for fine-tuning


    Link >>>> Karaoke_Sound_Tools_1.012_Full_.rar

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    Re: [***ตัดเสียงคนร้องเพลงด้วย Karaoke Sound Tools***] V.10.0.12 [Full]]

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